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High Horse Bastard

No Such Unit Hopeless Romantics Series Prequel / Book 0

Behind every badass pirate bitch is a sweet woman who got tired of everyone’s bullshit.

Hadrian Hastings, the High Horse Bastard.

Mr. Hot and Cold himself.

From the moment we met, he’s taken issue with me. 

I don’t exactly hate him… I mean, I wouldn’t go so far as to kick his crutches out from under him, but if he were on fire, and I had water, I’d drink it. 

Working together wasn’t part of the plan.

Naturally, my asshole boss assigned him to act as my editor on the single most important project of my career; the one that’s going to get me out of my work contract and literally ‘save the estate’ that I am trying to  organize into a equine  therapy center.

So here we are.

Up against a ridiculous deadline.

Butting heads.

Stuck with each other.

Wading through the good, the bad, the ugly and the ridiculously intimate.

And something is beginning to shift between us.

I’m not sure what the hell is happening, or how it fits in with my new badass pirate bitch image…

But holy hell, can the High Horse Bastard kiss.

Warning: Strong language, mature content and sexual situations included. 

High Horse Bastard is a steamy adult romance featuring a strong, sexy hero with a disability and an equally strong badass pirate bitch in training. Fans of Flowers From the Storm, England’s Perfect Hero, Me before You and Hart Broken will enjoy this take on the wounded hero romance genre.

High Horse Bastard is for anybody who enjoys:

  • steamy adult contemporary romance (If you don’t enjoy reading about sex then this book is probably not for you.)
  • love stories that defy stereotypes
  • unconventional/ atypical heroes
  • strong heroines who are mostly peace, love, and light mixed with a little ‘Go fuck Yourself.’
  • strong, sexy, damaged heroes and disabled characters

High Horse Bastard is the prequel to the No Such Unit Hopeless Romantics series as well as to the forthcoming No Such Unit: Dark Ops series, but can be read as a standalone.

Get High Horse Bastard for free between August 14-18 2019 by clicking on the link above.

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