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Please note that Command Decision has been renamed ‘Claimed By His Captain’^^ To avoid confusion I will continue to refer to this story by its original and new title. If you’re new here and would like to read this story in order, please follow the links below. ~Kit

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Kate was puzzled for a moment by Junnet’s lack of response before she concluded that since their coupling was merely a means to an end—a medical plaster of sorts—it stood to reason that he wouldn’t be particularly invested in the act. That decided, she applied herself to bringing him to completion as quickly, and efficiently as possible moving her hips experimentally until his face took on that peculiar slackness that told her she’d found his rhythm. After that, it was only a matter of moments before he arched beneath her—forcing her to grab his shoulders—as the force of his orgasm threatened to knock her off of him.

Looking down at him as she held on, Kate noted that Junnet had his teeth clamped tight even as his lips drew back in a snarl of pleasure. 

He made no sound even as the aftershocks of his orgasm, caused him to writhe and twist under her for several minutes before he fell back into the chair; jaw clamped shut, arms still crossed over his chest, hands still fisted. 

She suppressed a sigh as she felt the throb of unsatisfied desire roll though her but mentally Captained Up, and after closing her eyes and releasing her grip on his shoulders, braced her palms on his chest, and used them to push herself up and off Junnet’s now fading erection.

 You are the pits girl.  She told herself when her body protested the feel of all that satisfying hardness leaving her body before it had gotten what it desired. You have responsibilities here, a mission to think about. Surely you’re not so hard up for an orgasm that you’d continue to foist yourself on a man who is only fucking you out of duty? And then when she felt her XO’s hands move to her hips to help stabilize her as she slid off him and onto her feet, she snorted at herself internally. See, that puts paid to that Arpád. He’s not interested in you beyond what is necessary. Nor, are you interested in him.

Ducking down to retrieve her pants from the deck she quickly detangled her panties, stepped into them and slid them up her hips before shaking out her fatigues and slipping them on before wandering over to the nav panel to check their status while simultaneously smoothing her tunic into place so that she could  fasten her pants over top. 

Absently, doing up her belt while she scanned the readings she noted that, according to the chronometer, her entire encounter with Junnet had taken less than ten minutes. Hmm… “All’s well.” She reported reflexively as turning toward him, she checked the buttons and fastenings of her tunic and jacket. Everything was fastened and in place she noted with surprise and then seeing her XO standing with his pants pulled up, but unfastened as he straightened and did up his tunic, she realized that she hadn’t even bothered to open her shirt. Ah well. She thought as the dexterity with which Junnet twisted and manipulated the fasteners on his uniform—smoothing out a spare wrinkle here and restoring a bit of errant insignia to order there—made her think that those large, strong, deft hands would feel wonderful on her breasts. 

Junnet glanced up briefly at her status report, his expression neutral, and nodded once in acknowledgment, before returning his attention to the restoration of his uniform. 

Kate noted that the tension and the restlessness that seemed to be symptomatic of rut appeared to have abated for the time being, and though he still looked exhausted, she felt strangely triumphant about it. “You look better.” She told him without thinking, and then when he gave her a peculiar look realized that it sounded like bragging and hastened to quip. “The wonders of a little casual no-strings-attached sex eh? Nothing like it to cure what ails you!” She smiled at him as she she slid into the pilot’s chair and hooking her left foot around the chair’s base, pulled herself around and away from him.

Behind her Junnet’s hands froze on the buttons of his jacket for a second and he dropped his gaze to the deck before resuming work on the buttons. “As you say Captain.”

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