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A Note From Kit:

Okay, still no battle scene. Apparently, battle scenes are not my forte at the moment so, I’m going to have  to keep working on it whist I move along here.

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Junnet’s jaw tightened hard in reaction to that and he froze beneath her hands, but his facegave nothing away. Eventually he nodded. “You’re right.” 

Reaching down, he took lifted her hands from his thighs and pulled her up and forward until she was settled on his lap. 

And while Kate wondered at the iciness both in his eyes and tone she took the Junnet given opportunity to begin rubbing his shoulders with her hands congratulating herself when after a moment he sighed and rolled his head back as the caress began to bleed the tension from his shoulders. “You see, it’s good isn’t it?”

He stared at her, expression guarded, for a full minute as she continued to work at his shoulders. “I’m Recessive.” He bit out finally as though she were mentally deficient. 

“I know.” She said. She wondered what he was trying to convey with that non-sequitur.

“You don’t.” In the same dark tone.

So angry. She thought studying his face. No. She corrected herself upon catching sight of the flush that extended out of the collar of his uniform and out along his cheekbones; so frustrated. And then following the instincts of her body which was beginning to respond to the feeling of him under her, she lifted herself up on her toes and tilting her pelvis forward slid forward along his thighs until she felt his erection in the cradle of her hips. 

He swore viciously at the contact, and jerked back his arms coming up to push her away.

 She wouldn’t have resisted if she hadn’t felt his body respond to the contact; if she hadn’t seen the way her action caused his skin to flush with desire. But she did see it, and so instead, she locked her hands around his neck, and using the position to anchor herself against his hands which were now locked round her upper arms in preparation to push her back and off of him, she rocked her pelvis with deliberate slowness against him caressing him intimately.

That earned her another curse, but though his hands remained where they were he stopped trying to pull her off. “You don’t understand.” He gritted still trying to fight the desire flooding his body. “I can’t control this.”  He shuddered and jerked his head back as his hands clenched on her arm. “I don’t want to hurt you!”  He half-shouted half-whispered at her as he tried to shift away from her.

Ah, She stopped moving then. “You won’t hurt me.” She told him firmly meeting his gaze. And when he would have protested shook her head. “You won’t.”

Junnet let his head fall back against his chair. “You can’t know that.” He told her as he began to breathe deeply, dropping his hands from her arms onto the hand-rests where they curled into fists. Trying to regain control, but failing Kate realized when she felt his body tighten against a surge of hormones through his system and he hardened against her.

Ignoring the way her own body began to throb in reaction she watched his face tighten into a grimace that was neither wholly desire nor wholly pain as he flushed.

So frustrated. Kate thought again. And so very, very damaged by who and what he was, and how the universe reacted to that. She recalled the wary expressions of the civilians on station as they watched him and waited for him to turn into a monster. 

From where she now sat she could see the tension in Junnet’s jaw, a tension that was reflected in every sinew of his body as he fought against the biological imperative riding his body. She wondered if the civilians could see him now, would they change their minds about him? Somehow she doubted it. Their fear went too deep, and they would tend to believe what would be most useful in terms of avoiding the dangers of their world anyway. It was more about his fear, she realized. And how he’d internalized it.

“It’s the most natural thing in the world Commander.” She reached forward and began to undo his uniform, and under-tunic. Junnet froze and then squirmed slightly as she pulled the fabric aside to reveal his chest, but he stilled and then gasped when she reached out to scrape her nails lightly over his nipples which was encouraging so she ducked her head, and while her left hand massaged and stroked his right nipple, she took his left nipple into her mouth.

Feeling him harden even further beneath her, Kate levered herself onto her toes, and then with a flick of her tongue over his nipple that had him growling deep and low in his throat, released him and slid herself back along his thighs until she stood bent over him as he sat in the nav chair. Lowering both hands to his waist, she quickly undid his belt and then slipped her fingers inside his waistband—an action that caused renewed squirming from her XO—and went to work unfastening his trousers. She was only peripherally aware of his hands clenching and unclenching on the arms of the chair as she gripped the waistbands of his trousers, and undergarments and pulled them carefully over his straining erection.

There was a slight hesitation from him which forced her to pause in her endeavor, and then he lifted himself up slightly so that she could pull his pants  down along his thighs to his ankles where she stopped to remove his boots before sliding the garments off  entirely and laying them to the side.

That accomplished, Kate stood up, slipped her own pants off and stepping forward, pushed the arms of the nav chair back before climbing back onto his lap where she grasped his engorged cock with one hand and guiding it to her entrance, matter-of-factly lowered herself down onto him. “We don’t have much time.” She told him as she braced herself on his shoulders and began to move.

Junnet regarded her silently through somber eyes for a moment before tilting his head back against the nav chair, and closing his eyes. His hands remained clenched as he brought his arms up and crossed them over his chest.

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