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RE: Command Decision Part 9 (Don’t Worry)

If you’re here and are wondering why this is part 10 and not part 9 and are wondering where part 9 has gotten off to, don’t worry. Part 10 has not mysteriously vanished into the abyss. Part 10 is a battle scene that I wasn’t able to finish up today because my brain was apparently not into battle scenes this morning, so I wrote the next scene instead and will go back and finish up the battle scene in the next day or so and slip it into the part 9 slot.

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Kate swung her chair round and after locking the nav panel down regarded her XO’s profile thoughtfully. Out of respect for his privacy she’d disregarded his increasing restlessness over the past couple of hours, but now the the dark circles under his eyes and the deep grooves strain had carved into his face coupled with the knowledge that he hadn’t been able to sleep, eat or consume any fluids in the last two rotations indicated that action had to be taken soon or she’d risk losing him–even if only temporarily.

As she watched, he finished setting their course corrections and locked his own panel down, closing his eyes and exhaling deeply after he’d done so. The tension in his body was painful to see and  the brittle aspect to it made her understand that he was well and truly at the end of his rope; had in fact been there for quite some time. You are bleeding to death in front of me are you not Commander? She thought suddenly, and it had her on her feet and reaching out to pulls chair round in her direction without conscious thought. When he hunched forward and wrapped his arms around his torso in involuntary reaction to the motion she slid her hands down his shoulders to his elbows thinking to pull him to his feet but when his eyes shot open in shocked reaction to her touch she aborted the motion crouching in front of him and setting her hands on his thighs instead.

He lurched up suddenly as though he intended to stand and push her away–to dump her ass on the deck, but froze when she instinctively gripped his thighs in her hands in an attempt to steady herself in the face of the threat of being knocked back. His arms jerked between them once before settling once again against his torso. His gaze locked on hers and he blinked once before looking away and down at her shoulder. “What are you..?”

The harshness in his tone made her wince internally. We need to get some water into you and soon. “We need you strong and focussed Commander.” Kate told him. “I need you on your feet not on your back and sedated in a med bay.”

“I’m fine.” He said still not looking at her. “I’ll be fine. I don’t need-”

“Commander.” She cut him off then when she felt more than saw him flinch, paused. “Commander, you have a responsibility to me, to our crew and to our mission.” She said deliberately. “You are of absolutely no use to us like this.” She continued  harshly. “Failing to take advantage of a solution to your condition when it is available is a dereliction of duty and as such unworthy of your position as Executive Officer of The Crimson Tide.”


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