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(for Jeanie who wanted something a little longer)


“You sound fairly certain of that.” Junnet tilted his head back against the wall as he wordlessly offered her his other hand in a request for additional support.

Obligingly, Kate took it and braced her feet against his in preparation for pulling him to his feet. “I am.” Leaning back to gain leverage she tugged as firmly as she could while keeping the motion smooth. To her surprise he came to his feet easily enough, but wobbled slightly upon gaining his feet as blood began to rush to muscles that had been cold and cramped for hours.

Although she propped a shoulder under his arm as he steadied himself, Kate was careful to remain in front of him as she did so that his very visible arousal was concealed from their audience of hostile civilians. As Junnet closed his eyes and grimaced in reaction to the pins and needles in his legs, she cast a discreet glance down at his pelvis to ascertain what they were dealing with and had to suppress a wince of sympathy as the size of the bulge in his uniform pants indicated that he was in advanced stages of sexual arousal. Glancing up she caught him watching her and shrugged her admission of checking him out. “That looks pretty painful.” Considering, and then summarily dismissing euphemism and tact as counter-productive in this instance, Kate went with the bull by the horns approach.

He stared at her slightly shocked, looked away. “I…” He frowned. “Yes. It is.”

Kate chewed on her lip thoughtfully. “Maybe if you untucked your shirt, and undid your jacket… it would provide some… camouflage.” She watched as his face locked down on itself; every muscle an impenetrable brick in the wall locking her out  and his reaction in. How to make this less… uncomfortable for him? 

“That might be a bit… obvious…” He ground out between clenched teeth. “Especially with this crowd.”

“Hmm…” He had a point. He’d stick out like a sore… thumb, if he were the only member of the crew who was disheveled. So…

“Let’s make it a thing then.” Kate rocked back on her heels, and reaching her hands high stretched thus ensuring that she attracted the attention of the civilians nearby then dropping her hands she began to undo her uniform jacket shrugging nonchalantly in the direction of a nearby group as she did so. “May as well get comfortable Commander.” Deliberately raising her voice a bit and strengthening her tone to ensure that it carried to interested ears. “We’re gonna be here awhile yet.” Reaching into her waistband she untucked her tunic ,and let it fall over her hips, and then after a second’s hesitation raised her hands to her throat and loosened her collar, thus completing what she considered her ‘halfway between the door and the shower off-duty look’. Catching the doc’s scrutiny from across the room she indicated that Thea should follow their lead then glanced at Junnet who hadn’t moved.

He was doing that muscle ticking along his jaw thing again she saw immediately, and nudged him with her shoulder while maintaining an easy going smile for their audience. “Loosen up Commander.” She told him amiably for the benefit of their audience. “Consider it an order.”

After an almost microscopic hesitation he raised his hands to the fasteners of his jacket. “Aye Ma’am.”

Appropriately obedient tone that. Kate thought. You sound perfectly innocuous. She shifted slightly to insure that she blocked his hips from view and fixing her smile in place, lowered her voice so that only he could hear her.

“Smile Junnet, and look at me.” She said. “Pretend we’re having a chat.” She waited until he looked at her and then nodded encouragingly. “Nothing interesting going on here right?”

His face took on a curiously sunburned aspect as he regarded her from too serious eyes. “Right.” He said, and curved his lips obediently.

Kate cocked her head at him. “Weak, Junnet. Weak.” She teased him. “That smile wouldn’t fool anyone not halfway across the room.” Easy now Commander. She thought to herself. Steady on.

“I’m not a smiley guy.” He said as he undid the last button on his jacket, and reached for his tunic.

“I wouldn’t say that…” She protested. “exactly.” She added when he looked at her skeptically. She opened her mouth to elaborate only to shut it again when he gave a funny little squirm–aborted almost as quickly as it started–as he pulled his tunic pulled free of his pants. As the light flush that covered his face and throat deepened, Kate realized almost immediately that the sensation of the fabric being pulled over his engorged genitals must have brought him to the brink of ejaculation. This can’t happen. She thought watching him swallow hard, and close his eyes. Not here. “Junnet.” She said softly eyeing the way he was absolutely frozen in place. “Look at me.”

“I can’t.” He ground out quietly.

“You can.” She thought about touching him, and rejected the idea for the moment. No need to overbalance him… further. 

“No.” His voice was harsh and guttural; barely recognizable. “I can’t… move…”

“I know.” Kate said, reading his body. It hit her for the first time how hard he was having to fight against the biological imperatives riding him; how crazy-making being even just the physical tension and heaviness that accompanied sexual arousal must be when experienced in such an unrelenting fashion. Is this what drives the Recs on planet to violence and rape? She wondered. This relentless, all-consuming drive for sexual release that manifests, and builds, and demands, and leaves the bearer strung out with the inability to achieve it?

Kate tried to imagine herself on the verge of orgasm and unable to get there; stuck on that precipice for hours, perhaps days at a time, and it started her nerves screaming as though she’d scraped her nail along a chalkboard. It’s a wonder you’re not stark, staring mad Junnet. She thought eyeing him and the tight way he held himself together. Always so very contained—so very private…    

She tried to remember when she’d last seen him relaxed; guard down and open, and found she couldn’t. She’d never seen him so much as have a beer after hours she realized, had never seen him laugh a real honest-to-goodness amused laugh, or wear non-military attire when it came to it. No, that couldn’t be right. She shook her head as if to prod her memory into working. Surely you’ve just been unobservant Kate. He can’t actually be in uniform at all times. You just haven’t seen him because he hasn’t been on board for long enough that’s all. However contained he is, it is ridiculous to think that he  extends that to wearing military issue during off-duty hours so just get a grip and get back to it. 

Forcefully pushing her musings aside, and refocussing on her XO Kate considered the hewn-from-stone-quality of his face, and knew that the issue of whether or not he wore civvies in his off time aside, for this man to be on display in such a state; facing down the prospect of having something as intimate as an orgasm forced on him in front of an audience was deeply mortifying. You deserve some privacy Commander—some time and space in which to give in to the depth and breadth of the sensation. And a partner to relish it with. Not this, this hell of a station and these Rec hating civilians.

“Look at me Commander.” She gave him her quietest rendition of her Captain’s voice.

Military to the bone, he opened his eyes, and despite having expected it, Kate was surprised by the way desire softened and clouded his expression, and downright disconcerted to see the hard edge of fear that revealed itself in the tension of his face. When she regained her mental footing, she gave him a little nod. “You’re okay.” She told, almost ordered, him. “It isn’t going to happen here.”

“I need…” His expression intensified, the harsh lines of his mouth twisting the word until it came out a hard little bullet of a groan. “to… to move.”

It came out half a question, so Kate nodded to confirm. “I know.” She kept her tone calm; reassuring. “You’re very close?” She lifted a brow at him in question, and when he nodded slightly to indicate the veracity of that paused to consider their options.

“I don’t want that. Not here.” Junnet gritted.

“I don’t blame you.” She said wryly.  “Not with this crowd.”

“So… ” He asked almost without moving his lips. “How can I… stop it?”

“I–uh– time.” Kate gave him a sympathetic shrug. “Just give yourself a couple of minutes and it should dissipate naturally if there isn’t any further…  stimulation.”

He nodded, blinked once, and fastened his gaze on her shoulder.

 “How will I know when it’s… okay to, to move?” He asked after a moment.

Kate blinked. Talk about your unexpected questions. She thought about that for a moment. She must have looked confused because he shrugged. “I’ve never been quite here before.”

And you think I have?  “Umm…” She wondered briefly how experienced he was sexually, and then brushed the thought aside as ridiculous. The man is forty-two years old for god’s sake. More than likely he’s just worried about how visible his erection is. Right? Okay then why is he asking?

Kate sifted through her knowledge of male anatomy. “Well, I guess when you feel your testicles descend you could maybe pull your penis up against your belly, and hold it there with the waistband of your pants? It’s much less visible that way.” Kate shrugged. “Especially with your shirt untucked.” She added thoughtfully. At his faintly appalled look she shrugged again. “I have a lot of male… cousins.” She frowned at the word; it wasn’t quite right. “They were very educational. You don’t even have to undo your pants; just stick you hand in your pocket and–uh–adjust.”

  “I see.” It came out a little stiff, and she dipped her head to try and catch his gaze; see what he was thinking. To her surprise he slanted her a glance, and held her gaze. “I feel like I should know that.” He murmured a tad ruefully.

“Just one damn thing after another Junnet.” Kate quirked her lips at him.

“Are you comparing this to commanding a battleship Captain?” He asked with incredulous,  but surprisingly good, humour given the circumstances. 

“It’s what I know.” She shrugged. “And as you know it’s a professional hazard.” That got a smile from him so she continued. “I see command opportunities everywhere; in fact there’s not a breakfast cereal in my kitchen that isn’t ship-shaped up, and prepared for battle.” She waggled her brows at him suggestively. “And don’t even try to pretend that your cooking implements aren’t rigorously sorted according to shape, size, ostensible purpose, and possible uses in hand-to-hand combat Junnet. I’m on to you Commander.” Raising her left index finger to her temple she tapped it three times. 

He grinned and ducked his head. “I wouldn’t dream of it Captain.” He said, and some of the frozen stillness went out of his body. Discretion being the better part of valour, Kate, ignored the hand he put in the pocket of his uniform trousers, and watched quietly as he took several deep breaths only opening her mouth when he rocked back on his heels and looked up at her.



“You good to go hijack a shuttle Commander?” She asked taking in the  pallor and strain that  remained after the flush caused by his arousal had dissipated.

He leveled a glance at her; the one she’d had from him so often on the bridge of The Crimson Tide; all-knowing and faintly arrogant. Welcome back Commander. 

“I’ll do Captain.”


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