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A note from Kit: I am pretty sure I missed doing at least one this week (I was very surprised to see that it is Friday today, which never bodes well^^), so here is a bonus scene from the ongoing “Not at all flash fiction, but not sure what it’s going to be thing going on here with Command Decision”.

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“They’re all a little in love with you you know.” Junnet said into the silence.


“The crew.” Her XO nodded after the departing Lieutenant.

“Highly unlikely Commander.” Kate rolled her eyes at him. “It’s just the pointy ears.”

The sensitive skin at the corners of his eyes wrinkled, and he looked intrigued. “I thought that was just a rumour…”

“Nope.” Kate allowed her amusement to show as she grinned at him. “It happens.” She shrugged. “They get one look at me and poof,” Kate opened and closed her hand to indicate something suddenly appearing. “Elf-Struck. They turn into slavering fools wherever I go.”

Junnet regarded her steadily from under the shadow of his heavy brow and she had a moment to muse that it served the same function as his uniform hat; cloaked his eyes and gave him an aura of no compromising authority. “You’re taking the piss out of me Captain.” He said quietly.

Kate pressed a hand to her heart. “I am Commander.” She replied. “And enjoying too.”

“Nice. Kick a man when he’s down.” But he smiled slightly to mitigate his sardonic tone.

Kate ran her eyes over the length and breadth of him. “Well, I wouldn’t have a chance against you standing up would I?” She said lightly.

The smile vanished and a muscle jumped along his jaw as he dropped his gaze to his knees and it occurred to Kate to wonder for the first time if he might be somewhat self-conscious about his size. But he doesn’t move as though he’s self-conscious. She thought back to a friend she had in the academy who’d been large-breasted and of all the contortions and tricks she’d gone to to try to conceal that fact before she’d finally had reduction surgery. The woman had always slouched or tried to make herself seem smaller and unnoticeable. He doesn’t do that. Kate thought back to her interactions with him since he’d been assigned to The Tide; he always stood straight with appropriately military posture… Maybe because, as big as he is, making himself seem smaller is not really an option. She wondered what it was like to tower over absolutely everyone and found herself disconcerted by the thought.

“I wouldn’t want to put money on that Captain.” Junnet said after a moment; a little dryly. and with an expression so bland that she wondered if she’d imagined his reaction. “I’ve seen you in the gym taking down the Marine Commander.”

Kate smoothed her own expression out. If he was going to ignore it so would she. “He lets me win.” She said airily. “Proper etiquette you know.”

To her surprise, he commandeered one of her pet moves and raised a brow at her. “As you say Captain.” He replied in a tone so bland that there was no doubt he was calling horse shit on her statement; with proper etiquette of course.

“You are determined to be a trial are you not Junnet?” She grinned at him in appreciation, and pushed herself into a crouch. “Shall we get this circus on the road?” Pulling herself to her feet in a lazy stretch designed at once to release muscles protesting their sojourn on the station floor, and put the locals at ease with its very banality she then finished with a quick hip twist and still smiling offered him her hand.

He regarded her plainly. “Have you got a cargo lift under there Captain?”

“That stiff are we old man?” She teased.

“I’m younger than you are.” He shot back just as light and then. “And yes. I’ve been down here awhile.”

Kate rolled her eyes at him. “Who isn’t younger than me?” Elves were long-lived. “Age aside, it appears I’ve got you in the flexibility department Commander.” She said in her normal tone for anyone who might be listening and then in a murmur designed for his ears only. “I’ve got you. Just give me your hands and let me pull you up and don’t worry about—” She hesitated over the word not wanting to make him self-conscious—more self-conscious, than he already was. “Nobody will be able to see anything with me in front of you.”

He dropped his gaze to her hands.

“You’ll have to move eventually.” She watched colour mount in his face even as he flicked his gaze towards the civilians. “Do we have a contingency plan in place for when they notice…my condition?”

“They won’t notice.” She said firmly and waggled her hand at him until he took it.

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