SFR Flash Fiction / Command Decision Part 4

Writing Prompt: No Writing Prompt

A note from Kit: If you’d like to read this uh—short story? TBD? in order, please use the links below.

Command Decision Part 1

Command Decision Part 2

Command Decision Part 3



Junnet looked at her sharply, his eyes angry and hostile.

Kate held his gaze calmly. Raised an eyebrow; dared him.

“I’m in rut.” He bit off savagely. The words were coming like machine gun fire now and his eyes continued to bore into hers. “I’m hot, dehydrated and aroused to the point that the pressure of my uniform on my skin is driving me mad.” A minute hesitation, “I want sex. I want sex so badly I’d do anything for it. Anything.” He bit off savagely. “I’d crawl if you’d—” He halted abruptly, bit what he was going to say back and swallowed hard as his face flushed with anger. “Is that what you want to know?” He moved towards her slightly and she got the impression that if he didn’t have such a death grip on his body that he’d reach out and shake her. “Is that what you want to know?” He ground out. “Does it make you happy to know that the rut is only beginning and I am already so aroused; so consumed by the desire for something that I can’t have that I can’t think; can hardly see straight? That all I can think of at the moment is taking off your clothes, pressing you against the wall and getting inside you?”

Kate blinked in astonishment; the contrast between the XO she knew—her buttoned down, no-nonsense, no-excuses, no-emotions, all-business-all-professionalism-all-the-time XO—and the angry, uncomfortable Sexual man in front of her was unexpectedly jarring.  I’ve never thought about you as a person outside of your role… He apparently took the blink for confirmation that she was backing down because the next thing she knew he was resettling against the wall and closing his eyes once more. “I didn’t think so.” He said.


  1. B e clay says:

    Like like like !!! Please more. Will there be a full book on Amazon?

    • kitsmart says:

      I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying these:-) I have been having thoughts of turning this into some sort of novella/book thing. Probably as a giveaway/freebie via book funnel if I can’t get Amazon to list it as free.
      Unfortunately, this means that I now have to think of a title, which is my least favorite thing. (Coming up with titles always remind me of a friend in university who hated to write conclusions so much that she just wouldn’t do it. She’d just hand her essays in without conclusions… Me: “Introducing my new novella: ‘Untitled.’ By Anonymous”)

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